Ve - 2:45 (Michael Feihstel Remix)

Recently I noticed an artist named Ve who had a lot of his work uploaded to and seemed a to have a large fanbase there. One of the songs that particularly caught my attention was "2:45". I'm glad Ve was not only absolutely ok with the idea of letting me remix "2:45" but furthermore agreed to feature his vocals in one of my upcoming tracks. The track itself still needs to be finished but I'm really looking forward to the result and it'll be part of my upcoming EP. Meanwhile I worked on the "2:45"-remix which is now available as free download (and stream) in MP3 and lossless Flac format.

Apart from "2:45" you can get what seems to be his whole discography for free here:

And you really should. Who knows how long this will be available.

Back to the remix - it's been a great original to work with, fine vocals and a simple, melancholic, yet catchy melody that basically is the main element of Ve's original work. I tried to keep it short and add a more uplifting character to the theme, which I think worked out well. You be the judge though. The stream is above, downloads below.